Murder Follows Behind Her

Murder Follows Behind Her

…Because a murder is the collective noun for crows!!

…I’ll shut up now.

My original character, Catskill Moro, from my story ‘Narrow Ways’. I have difficulty stylizing things, but I like how my weird looking crows came out; especially with those huge luminous eyes!

We had a freak snowstorm where I live and now everything is pristine bright whiteness, except for the fluffy brindle blob that is my dog sitting in the middle of it all, making sure no one steals it.

Hope no one catches a cold,

- Love, Sammy Odette



This is the good guy of the Narrow Ways story I’m writing!

So trustworthy, so kind.

No, but really, Bishop is a fantastic guy, even if he out of his right mind. Sorry for the mood whiplash as well; I know you’re used to my cute comics or my quaint illustrations, but the Narrow Ways is rather twisted by contrast to my usual style.

Still messing around with the style, though.

Have a good week! More to come.

- Love, Sammy Odette

The Narrows at Night

The Narrows at Night

An Illustration for a book I’m writing called ‘Narrow Ways’.

I’m so excited about this book! I like the characters and the plot equally, (which is rare for me)

and I just can’t get them out of my head.

Anyways; A little girl is lost in a magical, hidden, urban world called ‘The Narrow Ways’.

She gets captured by an evil man and locked in a cellar until a nice magician (the man on the furthest right)

rescues her and takes her on as his apprentice.

This is a grimmer novel, but as always I can’t help but make it happy.

- Love, Sammy Odette

Princess Donkeyskin



Illustration of the fairy tale Donkeyskin from The Gray Fairy Book by Andrew Lang.

My cousin visited with her two little kids (3 years and 3 months) and they are way too cute to be allowed

to exist.

The three year old is both fascinated and terrified of our enormous half-mastiff, Monday; thinking about it, her size next to our dog is like a normal sized adult next to a moose.

- Love, Sammy Odette

Faust Wondering

Faust Wondering


One of my main characters, Faust, from the kid’s book I’m working on.

She’s planning on how to keep her friends alive – they have a propensity for wandering into

nigh suicidal situations.

My friend on a farm breeds rabbits and her Dutch Rabbit just gave birth to a bunch of little slippers.

They can fit snuggly into the palm of your hand ~

- Love, Sammy Odette

Griffin Friend



She had a tough time at school after they found out about her robot leg,

So her griffin bud is comforting her.

My heavens its windy out here on the plains; the trees look like they’re doing yoga.

I hope you had a good Halloween. I spent mine indoors with my art and a pile of candy, which is to say,

best Halloween ever.

 - Love, Sammy Odette

Habogi Pondering

Habogi Pondering

My kobold OC Habogi.

In my story he can travel into other people’s dreams, and when he does he wears court robes

which symbolizes a promise made to him by the gods of his world.

My mastiff puppy is almost two years old and is now deciding she’d going to have one last growth spurt

before she hits the big ‘zero-two’. I’m told they can grow up to fifteen pounds in the weeks leading up to it!

She’s eating everything in sight.

- Love, Sammy Odette

Long Ago and Far Away


Long Ago and Far Away was my childhood, so I thought I’d do watercolor practice in a homage to it.

James Earl Jones is still the best thing to ever happen to this world.

You can’t buy this show anywhere, so I just recently found it on Youtube; I’ve been drinking chamomile tea and eating scones as

I watch my  way through the series. I’ve gotten a nostalgia high.

I love the way they do each episode ina different style, and looking back I realize how much this show inspired me to draw.

Episodes featured in here, clockwise from top:

The Talking Parcel (also a fun book, retitled; the Battle For Castle Cockatrice)

Janko Raven

Beauty and the Beast

The Poor Man’s Vineyard

The Hedgehog

- Love, Sammy Odette


Sparrow in the Loft

Perspective makes me queasy.

The doll on the window sill was made by her adopted father.

Poor girl couldn’t understand why the other dolls didn’t look like her.

- Love, Sammy Odette